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We supply and install the most trusted air conditioning brands in South Africa, all accompanied by a 5 -10 year warranty at the most competitive prices in the industry.

ac service and repairing

When your AirCon is no longer working like before a routine service is needed. We provide expert heat pump & air conditioning servicing and repairs on both residential and commercial units.

Geyser heat pump servicing 

Specialist on site geyser heat pump servicing, installations and repairs. Brands : Alliance, Firefly, Kwitkot, Cobra, ITs, Enerflow, Heat Tech Hp, Thermowise Hp, Tasol Hp, AquaHeat Hp, 

POOL HEAT PUMP maintenance

We offer Professional swimming pool heat pump servicing and repairs to both domestic and commercial clients all over Gauteng. Call the airxperts guaranteed workmanship.
geyser heat pump




>Johannesburg (North & South)

10+ years Combined Technical Experience
We offer free  HVAC technical assistance via phone  for both commercial and domestic clients. Our technicians are available 24/6 to help. NEED HELP ? CALL THE AIRXPERTS !
AC system icing up
The most common reason for this issue is low refrigerant, usually caused by a gas leak. However there are other factors that cause ac unit to freeze up. such as blocked filters or evaporator coil, defective fan blower or relay. Contact us for a full air conditioning system check up. 
Choosing an AC size
Consult with one of our accredited air conditioning installers at Elbik Air for free professional assistance before buying or replacing an AC system. Various factors such as room layout, number of occupants, average climate conditions and a few others need to be factored in. A smaller ac unit will result in longer operational times, while a big ac unit will reach temperature before air is properly dehumidified. 
Inverter VS non-inveter
Inverter air conditioning systems continuously adjust temperature inside the room by automatically changing fan speeds, while non-inverter units have a fixed fans speed.

Its ability to adjust to room temperatures enables the unit to maintain room temperature for hours , saving up to 70%  electricity than traditional  on/off non-inverter systems.
Do Heat Pumps Save Electricity ?
Geyser Heat pumps use very little electricity to heat up water compared to using standard electrical geysers. This is because electricity is only used to power up electrical components,  while the heat exchanger pairs up with the refrigerant being pumped by the compressor to heat up water, saving you up to 75% on electricity.
We offer professional geyser heat pump Installations, Repairs and Servicing, in Benoni, Boksburg, Centurion, Pretoria, Roodepoort , Johannesburg South & North. Request a quote now!
How long do Heat Pumps & AC units last ?
The life span of all Heating and cooling systems depend on maintainence, on average they can operate for 10 to 15 years and even longer.

A few repairs might be needed along the way, however our specialist can catch and find these minor issues during the annual service.
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With the uniqueness of each home or office a unique Hvac unit is required and that's why we give on-hand assistance to all our clients with choosing the right ac, the Hvac installation design till the end of the project, that way we can make sure all our clients get the best return on their investment for years.

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Mid-Wall Split Air Conditioners
Swimming Pool Heat Pumps 
Geyser Heat Pumps
Under-ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners
Under Ceiling Air Conditioners
Hide-Away Air Conditioners
At Elbik Air Conditioning we strive to keep our clients satisfied, because for us as an Heating, Ventilation & Cooling service provider this is our way of enriching the livelihood of our clients. The continuous deteriorating climate & economic conditions in our continent have made air conditioning and heat pumps a need in every home, that is why we partnered with the top air conditioning system and heat pump system suppliers in South Africa to ensure that we deliver efficient and reliable heat pumps and air conditioning units. Our team is available 24/7 to attend to all your HVAC needs.
We offer professional air conditioning and heat pump repairs and servicing in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Some of the brands we are accredited to supply and install include Alliance Heat Pumps, ITs Heat Pumps, Kwikot Heat Pumps, IQ Air Conditioners, Jet Air Conditioners, Samsung Air Conditioners, York Air Conditioners, Daikin Air Conditioners
We also provide specialist residential and commercial heat pump repairs, air conditioning servicing, Heat pump servicing, and air conditioning servicing for all major HVAC brands in South Africa including Firefly Heat Pumps, Tasol Heat Pumps, Voltex Optimum Heat Pumps, Aqua Heat Pumps, Kwikot Heat Pumps, Sirac Heat Pumps, Sunworx Heat Pumps,  Carrier Air Conditioners, Midea Air Conditioners, LG Air Conditioners just to name a few. Call us for professional home and office  air conditioning and heat pump servicing in Gauteng

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Digital LED display mirror air conditioners, inverter type . Dare to dream of a modern home

alliance mirror air conditioner

Wifi ready

Reflective mirror design

Hidden LED temperature  display

Advanced dual filter

gree mirror air conditioner

Elegant mirror finish

LED display

Dual Filters

Surge protection

midea mirror air conditioner

Turbo boost cooling

Self diagnostics

Gas leak alarm

Auto display adjustment

lg mirror air conditioner

Wifi enabled

Dual inverter technology

Automatic voltage switcher

Gold-fin tech on condenser


Did you know ?

You can save your home or office up to 70% electricity with an Inverter Air conditioner plus a 10 years warranty on the compressor, T's & C's apply.