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Icing up of air conditioning units is not uncommon and can arise from various causes. Among the frequent reasons is compromised airflow. When the evaporator coil doesn’t receive adequate airflow, it may become excessively cold, leading to freezing. Factors such as clogged air filters, obstructed vents, or a faulty fan can hinder airflow. Additionally, if the refrigerant level drops, it may make the evaporator coil too cold, culminating in freezing. This decrease in refrigerant could stem from leaks or malfunctioning parts like the compressor or condenser.

To address this, it’s recommended to engage an expert HVAC technician. They will evaluate the refrigerant amounts, compressor, condenser, and other parts to pinpoint the cause of the icing and rectify it, ensuring it doesn’t recur.

Non-inverter air conditioners operate with a constant-speed compressor, which cycles on and off to regulate the set temperature. Once the set temperature is achieved, the compressor halts, but if the temperature increases, it reactivates.

On the other hand, inverter air conditioners feature a variable-speed compressor that fine-tunes its cooling or heating output based on the room’s temperature demands. This compressor constantly modifies its speed to ensure a steady temperature, leading to reduced energy consumption, more considerable savings, and a consistently comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Before purchasing or replacing an AC system, speak with our certified aircon specialists at Elbik Air for complimentary expert advice. Several aspects like the room design, occupant count, prevalent weather conditions, and more must be taken into consideration. Opting for a smaller AC unit may lead to prolonged running times, whereas a larger unit might achieve the desired temperature before adequately dehumidifying the air.

The lifespan of air conditioners can vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the equipment, how well it is maintained, and how often it is used. Generally, air conditioners can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

With proper maintenance, an air conditioner can last up to 15-20 years. Regular maintenance includes cleaning or replacing air filters, cleaning coils, checking refrigerant levels, and inspecting and tightening electrical connections.

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Air Conditioner Supply and installations

We supply and install the most trusted HVAC brands in South Africa, which are  all accompanied by a 5 -10 year warranty at the most competitive prices in the industry.

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Air Conditioner Servicing and Repairing

When your air conditioner is no longer working like before a routine service is needed. We provide expert heat pump & aircon servicing and repairs on both residential and commercial units.

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Geyser Heat Pump Servicing

Specialist on site geyser heat pump servicing, installations and repairs. Brands : Alliance, Firefly, Kwitkot, Cobra, ITs, Enerflow, Heat Tech Hp, Thermowise Hp, Tasol Hp, AquaHeat Hp…

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Pool Heat Pump Service and Repairs

We offer Professional swimming pool heat pump servicing and repairs to both domestic and commercial clients all over Gauteng. Call the airxperts guaranteed workmanship.

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Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Specialists in Centurion

Aircon Experts in Centurion: Experience the Cool Comfort! Welcome to Centurion's premier aircon installation service! 🌬️❄️ Why Choose Our Centurion Aircon Installers? Local Excellence: Being based in Centurion means we know the climate, the community, and its unique needs. Trust in our local expertise. Efficient Installations: With us, you're not just getting an air conditioner; you're securing comfort, efficiency, and longevity. Certified Professionals: Our team consists of trained and certified technicians ensuring your installation is seamless and up to industry standards. Affordable Pricing: Quality doesn't always mean expensive. We offer competitive rates without compromising on service. Services We Offer: Personalized Aircon Recommendations Professional Installations Regular Maintenance & Servicing Emergency Repairs Experience the Difference! Whether it's a sweltering summer day or a chilly winter night, your comfort is our priority. With our top-notch aircon services in Centurion, we ensure that you enjoy the perfect indoor climate all year round.
Light Commercial Split Systems
Hide Away Air Conditioners
12 000btu - 60 000btu / 20KW - 60KW
Under Ceiling Air Conditioners
12 000btu - 60 000btu
Mid-Wall Split Air Conditioners
9 000btu - 36 000btu
Under Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners
12 000btu - 60 000btu

With the uniqueness of each home or office a unique Hvac unit is required and that’s why we give hands-on assistance to all our clients with choosing the right air conditioner, from the installation design till the end of the project, that way we can make sure all our clients get the best return on their investment for years.

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Chelouise Makan

I was contacted immediately when I did the enquiry. They managed to repair an old AC I had and I bought 2 new units for my rooms. Professional and neat work. Very knowledgeable and assisted with all questions. Would definitely recommend using Elbik for great service, quality and price.


Was so pleasantly surprised at the efficient and friendly service that I received! Would definitely recommend them to anyone!

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Nicole Windbrechtinger
client image

Billy was not only helpful but very informative as well. They did an amazing job installing my two AC’s on the 24 December and cleaned up so well afterwards that you couldn’t even see they had been there. Will definitely be using them again for the rest of the house.

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