Residential and commercial Heat Pumps And Air Conditioning Specialists in Johannesburg And Pretoria.

Domestic and Commercial Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Specialists in Gauteng.

We provide expert air conditioning and heat pump servicing and repairs in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We also supply and install both residential and commercial air conditioning units and we are accredited ac installers for Samsung, Jet Air, Hisense, LG… to name a few.


Air Conditioning Sales & Installations

We are accredited installers for all local and international air conditioning brands i.e Samsung, Jet-Air, IQ, Alliance to name a few. Our technicians are equipped with all the necessary materials required when installing an air conditioner, wall brackets, extra electric and communication cables, refrigerant piping among others depending on the place were the air conditioning units will be best installed. All installations are backed with a 12 month warranty.


Air Conditioning Servicing & Repairs

Air Conditioning Repairs Residential and commercial air conditioning PC boards replacements, compressor replacements, Capacitor replacements, fan blades or motors, ac regasing, leak repairs, duct replacements. Give us a call and our technicians will get your ac cooling in no time. All parts replaced come with a 1 year warranty, so rest assured knowing your ac unit is as good as new, after all we're the airxperts !


Geyser & Pool Heat Pumps

With rising electricity tariffs, every penny saved is worth it. Heat pumps are the old but new modern and power efficient way for both residential and commercial clients to heat pump water, be it for bathing, swimming and or washing. We offer professional swimming pool and geyser heat pump sales, repairs, installations and servicing. Our qualified technicians are ready to help 24/7, call us for affordable geyser and swimming pool heat pump servicing in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

What To Consider When Buying A Heat Pump

Is your heat pump giving you an error code ?, Call the Airxperts for professional and affordable Heat pump servicing and repairs. All repairs come with a 12 months workmanship on all parts replaced.

What To Consider When Buying A Air Conditioner

Request a free quote today, we provide free delivery within Gauteng and a 3 to 10 year warranty all on new air conditioners. Give us a call and we will help you find the best air conditioning solution for your home or office today.

Our Working Process


Clients requests for a quotation or site visit through our website, Call or via whatsapp.



A sales consultant will send a free quotation according to clients heating or cooling requirements



Installation deposit is paid and an installation date is arranged according to client availability and the weather conditions.



Once installation is done, client is called to inspect the work and balance is paid. thats it! HUSTLE FREE


Did you know you could save up to 50% on your current electrical bill by switching from geyser element to heat pumps?

Heat pump systems consume less than half the power compared to what a geyser element would, this is because heat pumps do not use electricity  to heat up the water, but to run the geyser heat pump components for example, the Compressor which is responsible for pumping the refrigerant that heats up the water. As a result heat pump’s operational costs ca be lower than that of Gas heaters, depending on quantity of the hot water required daily.

Air Conditioning systems and Heat Pump operational capabilities are mostly reliant on servicing of the unit. Failure to service the systems at least once or twice a year can result in you waking up to cold water. Heat pumps are the new modern and efficient way of heating water however, they are relatively expensive to repair compared to alternative water heating systems.

Like all home electrical appliances Aircons, pool and geyser heat pumps are vulnerable to power surges. Given the load shedding issues even the best heat pumps in South Africa are prone to electrical damage. Which can be quite costly to repair.  Installing  power surge protection in the main electrical DB Box is one the few ideal way of protecting electrical appliances including Air Conditioners and heat pumps.

Costs of heat pumps vary according to the size of the swimming pool, geyser size and brand of the system. Some of the best brands we are accredited to install and repair include Kwikot heat pump, kwikpump, Alliance, Its heat pumps, Heat Tech, Thermowise, Airco. Contact us for a free quotation.

Need A Free Estimate?

Contact us via email or call us for a obligation free quotation for all your heating and cooling needs in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Available 24/7

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