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60000btu hide-away air conditioner outdoor unit

Midea and Alliance 60000btu 3 phase hide-away units. *North Riding

Air conditioning repair

For these AC's 7th year anniversary we had to repair the indoor drain which was leaking, reposition ducts and repair a gas leak.

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New air conditioning installation for their bedrooms and lounge. 9000btu, 12000btu and 24000btu mid-wall split units. Supplied and fully installed

home mid-wall split air conditioning installation

9000btu, 12000btu, 24000btu IQ non-inerter mid wall splits. *Kempton Park

jet-air air conditioning units serviced

12000btu-X2 & 18000btu0-X4 Jet-Air Inverter mid-wall splits. *Steyn City

Air conditioning servicing

Air conditioning repositioning and major service. Outdoor fans were FULLY covered and had leaked gas, client was not aware and had operated the units for a while as they were.

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Air conditioning REPAIR

Replacement of the pc board and electric drain pump and major service of three 18000btu non-inverter mid-wall split air conditioners for their home 

kelon air conditioners

18000btu Kelon non-inverter mid-wall splits. *Paulshof

alliance geyser heat pump

Alliance 5KW Geyser Heat Pump Service. *Roodepoort


Geyser heat pump major service.


-Full system diagnosis

-Condenser acid wash

-Wiring inspection

-Refrigerant top up

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Air conditioning Replacement

Replacement of  9000btu non-inverter mid-wall split air conditioners in mine offices and  installation of new air conditioners in shaft operation stations.

mine office air conditioners

9000btu IQ non-inverter mid-wall splits. *Westonoria

school office air conditioning

 18000btu0-X3 GMC Inverter mid-wall split units. *Daveyton

Air conditioning Maitenance

Primary School Office air conditioning maintenance. Indoor and outdoor unit cleaning and checking for faulty parts that need replacement, in order to ensure maximum operation efficiency.

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Heat pump REPAIR

Heat pump controller had a high pressure error. The water inlet strainer was blocked as the heat pump was overdue for service.

Works 24/7 to heat up 500l to  4 Student Accommodation  units.  

kwikot geyser heat pump

7KW  Kwikot Air source Geyser Heat Pump *Arcadia

firefly geyser heat pump

Firefly 3.2kw Geyser Heat Pump service. * Pretoria East

Heat Pump Repair

After overnight load shedding the Heat pump was no longer starting up.

The power cable had burned up on one of the connections. We also serviced the machine for the client to ensure efficient heating results.

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Hvac maintenance

Client was renovating their home and called us to  service their Home and office Air conditioners including their 5KW Geyser heat pump. 

its geyser heat pump

12000btu, X2 & 18000btuJet-Air non-inverter mid-wall splits. 5kw ITs Geyser Heat Pump. * Benoni